Friday, October 9, 2009

Today Was A Good Day

Hi all,

It has been a pretty rough month since I was laid off from my main job. Today some of my hard work has finally paid off. I received a check from People String for $27, my check from Live Work for $71, and my check from In telichek for $21. Thank goodness!!! Tomorrow I will get my direct deposit from West. I am so happy to finally have a little bit of money coming in again.

I also started writing for a company. If anyone would like info on that, please let me know. I am enjoying it because it is non-phone work and there is plenty of it. They pay via paypal weekly so that will definitely be a big help.

I hope that all is well with all of you and that everyone has an awesome weekend!



Friday, October 2, 2009

Still Trying

Hi everyone,

I am still trying to find new ways to make money online. I will be getting my first check for People String soon and I already received my first check from IM Report Card. I have taken on a few side jobs and am still trying to replace my main job (I was laid off a few weeks ago) I am learning to cut corners on the budget when I can, but it is quite challenging.

I started working with Intelichek and it is not easy work, but I can work my own hours and they pay bi-weekly. I am doing some side work for a nice girl that I met on WAHM and just passed my final test for Toys R Us (Westathome).

I am trying to stay positive, but with the economy being what it is.....I still worry. Thank goodness for extra eggs in my basket that definitely add up. I will continue to look for more ways to make extra money online. I have to believe that things will look up for all of us.