Friday, October 2, 2009

Still Trying

Hi everyone,

I am still trying to find new ways to make money online. I will be getting my first check for People String soon and I already received my first check from IM Report Card. I have taken on a few side jobs and am still trying to replace my main job (I was laid off a few weeks ago) I am learning to cut corners on the budget when I can, but it is quite challenging.

I started working with Intelichek and it is not easy work, but I can work my own hours and they pay bi-weekly. I am doing some side work for a nice girl that I met on WAHM and just passed my final test for Toys R Us (Westathome).

I am trying to stay positive, but with the economy being what it is.....I still worry. Thank goodness for extra eggs in my basket that definitely add up. I will continue to look for more ways to make extra money online. I have to believe that things will look up for all of us.



1 comment:

  1. Good luck with finding work. It is so hard out there! We had to close our office and work from home, but I'm glad we still have work...Have you thought of selling home party stuff, everytime I go to one of the home demo's people are still buying and having parties and my friends make good money? Just a thought!