Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Payer Player

I usually do not have much luck with home buinesses, but I really like the concept of The Payer Player.

Your Communications Megahub
What is The Payer Player?
The Payer Player is the revolution social networking has been looking for. One central location for sharing, socializing, creating while honoring and rewarding you for the value you bring to the network.
The Payer Player can be used direct from your profile page, embedded on your existing social networking pages, or deployed direct on your desktop for browser-less interaction.
Upload video, search for content or users, access social networking sites, video/text chat with friends, chat via text to the mobile device, watch TV, add RSS feeds.. and so much more.
All paid subscribers are automatically placed in our Affiliate program, if you choose to participate simply refer other paid subscribers and receive a 25% monthly commission on every personal referral, and benefit from the growth of the network as well!

Here is a link that belongs to one of my downline....I believe in paying it forward.....

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